Enjoy Life, "C'est la vie !", Try it !

It is the perfect place to fly and live an adventure, from the inflation of the balloon, to the champagne celebration of your flight , after landing

Great experience

You will never forget.
Make it a fabulous gift.

Fantastic take off site

Front to the Royal city of Loches.. and "la Maison de l'Argentier du roy", where you'll stay .

About the pilot

Jean-Daniel is a Pro, since 2001, with + 3200 hours (+133 days in space) , he does more than 180 flights /year, he is pilot since 1993...night flight qualified.. he owns his air balloons company, and compete Championship . His carrer is one of the rare best in France. His pro team helps, from 2+ balloons cruises..He owns 8 Balloons !

best value Offers

La Maison de l'Argentier doesn't charge a € : we keep this best offer for our guests, only, as a friendly extra offer, from a friendly air ballon company. It is a real Best value compared to local market, which offer usually only 1 hour flight, for the same price as this 2 hours private flight.


Not obliged to wake up too early, and go far ; because our take off site is 2 mn walk, down to the house. And you are sure to have a wonderful view on take off : you are at the foot of the Royal Chateau, with sunrising in your back (ideal for pictures) ; wind always decide direction, but this sight, will be for sure at every flight .

Best Services

All is included

Insurances, retrieval 4 x 4, to bring you back to take off site.Rewards and Champagne !

A real VIP private flight

No charter are proposed ; for 2 couple of friends, we can too, no problem ! ; and you will have 2 balloons (also, very fun, in twin cruise for pictures), or more, for more friends couples( Jean Daniel have 8 balloons !)

An option 3 rd passenger (maybe a child from 7 )

It may be possible*, with a low price (and a maximum of 1 ; maximum in balloon is 4 pers. including the pilot, in "the basket"), *only with your invitation (it will be your flight !).

Easy reservation :

We keep the full balloon deposit garanty for your flight, to book the flight ; at the same time you reserve your stay. The day of flight, we refund you and you pay the company, or we pay the company for you

Easy for anyone in good shape

Not necessary to be very "sporty", but a minimum is required.

Balloon deposit will be refund if weather is not good, of course

and if it forbid the flight during all your stay at "La Maison de l'argentier du roy"

Flights Pricing

Prestige 2hours

€ 670 (2 pers.)

Discovery 1hour

€ 430 (2 pers.)

Extra passenger(1)

€ 170(1h)-200(2h) (child 7to12:€ 129)