my name is Balzac's Library

19 th century was mine

I'm 185 years old, in this house, from a time where Romantism was modern, and claimed by writers and poetries, as a new aim of life .

outside Balzac sight

Almost 2 centuries ago.. and, the same panoramic sight among the valley from my window.

The completly new and modern comfort remains perfectly integrated yet discrete : luxury large queen size Bed (160 cm wide), top hotel high quality standards. And a very original bathroom... unique, with a shower created in travertine and mosaic marble , in a corbeled turet...!...( a famous English journalist staying here called it the "shower tower" ! )

" Do not ask me why I love Touraine? I do not like it as we like our cradle, or as we like an oasis in the desert, I love it as an artist loves art and I love it less than I love you, but without the Touraine, perhaps I could not go on living.. " H.Balzac, The lilly in the Valley, 1835

You'll fall in love with me at the first night

We know, now, that the owner of the house, in 1830, made for himself, custom make this beautiful library, which is rosewood and walnut, precious woods and rare at that times...
So, we took advantage of several small and funny coincidences (... but was it really ?!), giving this name as a tribute, to this newly restored room with an early 19th century library.
Honoré de Balzac, was a very famous Author, writer of 180 books, one of the best seller of his century, still known for writing the best "french literature style" ; he was editor too, and could not be forgotten in our House, we had to honor him, it was just obvious, and, for other reasons too :
1 - A few miles from Loches, is still, his house of Saché ... because Honore de Balzac was a local ( the museum there, is well worth a visit for those who admire him for his work ).
As millions of readers, we have devoured dozens of his novels, fabulous witnesses to an era ... the 19th century.
2 - At the foot of our House, is the River Indre, its valley, which we share with Saché, and which also brings us closer to the poetic and romantic view of his beloved Touraine (our region) in his books.
3 - So it was like a game for us, to play the decorator's role, of 150 years ago....2 years of an important work , from A to Z, anything has been repaired, restored with pure 19th century objects like some golden bronzes, collected locally or far away, sometimes, on internet auctions sites across Europe. :

panoramic Balzac bedroom
Free wifi
Queen Size
Hair Dryier
safety box
Tea - coffe & boiler

Authentic 19th century atmosphere
Breakfast included
Fresh mineral water offered
Private parking included
Many Restaurants walking distance

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